Did you know that a good website can generate a lot of revenue and profit for your business? Trilobyte Digital provides your business with the perfect website that will increase the sale of your products and services. With the right design – aligned accordingly to your business goals, objectives and expectations – you can sell your products easily, accept donations and partnerships, or even sell advertising space on your website.

Your business website should be able to advertise the products and services you offer, while payments for these services should be made easily via links on your site. All these means of increasing your profits and reducing losses is the sole aim when we design and create your business website.

Product Sales

Selling products and/or services is just one of the uses of your business website. We design and create a site that easily showcases your business products. Through this means, customers that visit your website are able to view the type of products and services that your business offers. A customer identifies the products they need, adds them to the online cart provided and then pays for the goods via the website payment gateways.

You could also generate more revenue for your business (through your website) by allowing partners willing to advertise their own company’s products, to make use of your website. They pay for advertising space and you in turn receive more money with which to improve your business.

E-Commerce Events and Media

Trilobyte Digital can create a business website for you that contains an e-commerce media module. This module allows customers to buy and downloads some of your business products – whether your company’s brochure, documents, video or audio clips. Customers pay for the desired files via the website. Our aim is to create a business website that is not only accessible, but also user-friendly. This is to ensure your customers get the best possible experience when using your website.

A customer might also book for events, meals, flights, restaurants or hotel spaces, using your business website. It all depends on what your business products and/or services entail. Means of booking and paying for these services are always built in to your website, in order to make it easy for your customers and also help your business keep accurate records of every booking.

Other Purposes

From time to time, a startup business might need donations in order to raise adequate capital. Trilobyte Digital is a company that takes this into consideration and offers useful advice and tools to help you achieve your goals. In this scenario, we design and create a type of website that can contain useful audio and video clips, as tools that will help you attract the interest of potential donors. A website that also contains links to your company’s account is also necessary, as this will help avoid any delays when a donor decides to help your business.

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