Let your customers see you

At Trilobyte Digital, you’ll receive all the necessary tools to ensure your target audience notices you. With our help, you can attract more visitors and leads that will ensure a successful online business. How visible your website appears can depend on how you market it, but there is a lot more to this process in fact.

Search Engine Optimisation

Any online business has to implement some form of SEO if they want a website to be picked up by search engines. This is very important, because most customers will begin the search for a particular product by using a search engine.

Search engines like Google have bots that crawl websites regularly to determine where the site ranks. At Trilobyte Digital, we are mindful of the criteria search engine algorithms use to determine relevant content, and know the latest SEO techniques that can help you rank higher in any search. The WordPress site we create for you is designed to appeal to search engines, as much as it will to your target audience.

User experience

The user experience – or UX -of your website is as important as SEO or Marketing. You get to win on two fronts when your website offers a great UX, as your users will enjoy using the website and the search engines will favour you.

The WordPress website we design for you will present a smooth user experience and be structured so that people and search engine bots will be able to navigate easily. We will combine the best of content, functionality and ease of use, to ensure your website gets the visibility it deserves via natural searches.


Effective URLs

Something as simple as a URL can have a huge impact on how many visitors your pages attract. We will make sure your most crucial pages have URLs that are easy to remember, in order to make it easy for your visitors to access them when they need to.

With our help, you can create separate promotional web addresses that pages within your site will respond to.

Display advertising

Promoting your products, services and events doesn’t get easier than with Trilobyte Digital. You can capture your visitors the minute they get on your website, using our advertising banner in photo, video or textual form. You can customise the content of an ad, how often and how long it is displayed, and to where it takes your visitors when they click on it.

Track visitor action via site statistics

Your website will be integrated with Google Analytics to help you track visitor activity. You’ll discover what your Key Performance Indicators are, which is crucial for helping make the right decisions in relation to how best improve your website. We will help you monitor your sales funnel, analyse user behaviour, and find problematic pages within your site, all with the aim of making it as profitable and productive as possible.

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