There are now many options allowing you to interact with your visitors and we can provide the necessary tools for you to do so. Keep your subscribers updated with what your brand is up to, using email alerts and newsletters, or can use forums and blogs to grow an online community of people with similar interests.

Interactive tools

Content is about interaction. Customers are interested in a personalised experience that they won’t forget in a hurry. With the right tools, you can deliver that to them. Interactive content has been used by brands to attract higher levels of engagement with their customers – and you can do the same to drive results. We can help you discover the best tools to drive the level of interaction that will best benefit your business.

Surveys and feedback forms are one way to obtain valuable information from your customers, consequently helping you to design your products and services to serve them better, as well as discover where you might not be doing so well. There is no limit to the kinds of online polls in which you can ask people to vote, and they will be glad to oblige as long as it is relevant to them.

These tools are essential for putting your brand out there and can be deployed for any number of reasons, whether educational, promotional, or simply for amusement. You can go the extra mile to create a podcast and engage with your customers on a whole new level. You can host your podcast across many channels including your blog, iTunes, Stitcher and other podcasts locations.

Engage through your blog

Blogs are all the rage now for any business with an online presence and that is not without good reason. A blog is the best way for you to demonstrate your expertise in a particular area, encourage discussion or stimulate debate. It’s a great way to build a community and grow a loyal following. We have a blog feature that will allow you to build a functional blog without hassle.

There is also the option of creating a forum that can be accessed only by members via a password. With such a forum, your community of users can provide support for one another, whist sharing their unique views. Forums are an excellent way for you to build a community without necessarily having to initiate every conversation.

Emails and newsletters

One of the most reliable methods of interacting with your customer base is through newsletters. Customers can sign up on your website or somewhere else, to receive weekly or monthly updates.

Because of the number of emails that people normally receive on a daily basis, we go the extra mile to make sure we help you create superb newsletters, full of interesting content and a compelling design. With an inbuilt statistical tool, you’ll be able to monitor how successful your efforts are, so you can make improvements where needed.

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