Brand engagement is becoming increasingly important online, as it can drive customer loyalty. We provide all the tools needed to keep your visitors interested in you, before eventually converting them into paying customers.

Intuitive site navigation

Your website has to be easy to navigate, meaning your visitors should have no problem getting from one point of the site to another. Although categories may seem like a small part of any website, they are important, so we will ensure your content is properly categorised.

We will build you a website with logical site architecture and setup a sitemap facility that is dynamic enough to update automatically whenever you modify content on your website.

Optimisation for different devices

An important aspect of customer-brand engagement is making sure your website is responsive across different device sizes. This has become compulsory for brands that are looking to engage on every level, as mobile device use becomes more prevalent. In many cases, customers will engage more via their mobile devices than their desktop computers.

The websites we create are designed to be responsive, so that they will dynamically adjust to present content in the best possible format, for whatever device your visitors are using, whether it is a Smartphone, tablet, desktop or TV. We can help you take advantage of Google’s separate index for mobile content by making sure your business has a presence on the mobile web.

Do more for your events

If you wish, we can have an integrated calendar added to your website that will allow you to advertise events without hassle. If you would like to include features that allow your customers to book and pay online, we can add that for you as well.

For events that will be running simultaneously at more than one location, we can deploy Google maps integration, so your customers won’t have a hard time finding the venue. This feature is also great when targeting leads that are looking for events in the area where you are holding yours.

Organise membership

If you would like only a select group of people to see certain information, you can achieve this by using a membership model. You can protect certain areas of a website by limiting access to volunteers, trustees, clients or staff members, all of whom would be required to enter a password in order to gain access to such content. You can decide whether they can register themselves or whether you alone will grant membership. It is also possible for you to charge a fee for membership if required.

Making the most of social networking

Social Media has become the definition of engagement in the online world and anyone looking to improve customer brand engagement has to deploy those tools. From Facebook and Twitter to YouTube and Flickr, we can guide you in developing an effective strategy for using Social Media to achieve your goals. We can start by building integration with your website, using tools like Flickr API and Facebook Connect.

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