WordPress is our chosen web content management platform and is currently the world’s most widely-used CMS platform, accounting for over 18.9% of all websites online. This is because of the number of advantages it offers.

Comprehensive and reliable

WordPress is comprehensive and reliable and has a massive userbase that ensures a technical team is always ready on standby to identify and resolve any problems. Due to the high demand of WordPress, it has a dedicated development community and an extensive number of ‘plug-ins’ available for free or at low-cost. In other words, if you require a specific function on your WordPress CMS (now or later), there is a strong possibility that the solution already exists. The use of plug-ins adds to the cost-effective quality and reduces expenses associated with running a website, if you need to expand its function in the future.

Open-source platform

As an open-source platform, this automatically sets WordPress apart from a traditional proprietary platform. With the latter, you are dependent on a specific supplier to modify your underlying CMS program if you want to correct bugs or enhance your website.

At Trilobyte Digital, we intend to establish a lasting and mutually-benefitting relationship with you and the development or your website. In addition to the post-launch warranty, we offer clients a continuing support service. Our clients are not locked to Trilobyte Digital, and are free to explore other developers whenever they wish.

What makes WordPress an ideal content management platform?

Easy to Use

We have highlighted its benefits as a comprehensive and reliable source. We have also mentioned how being an open-source platform enables troubleshooting and improvement, but one of the more important qualities is the ease of use of the WordPress system. With over 74 million websites relying on the WordPress CMS every day, this is an indication of the simplicity of the platform. Trilobyte Digital has several resources to make it even easier for you to understand. Once we set up your WordPress-powered site, you can start operating the service on your own; from installation guides to update tutorials and bug fixes, we are available for any additional assistance you might need.

WordPress is extendable

By extendable, we mean that WordPress is scalable for your website’s unique needs. Most WP users are neither programmers or web designers. In fact, most users start implementing the CMS without any previous design experience. This is one of the reasons the platform is a favourite among site owners.

There are several thousand templates or themes to select from, so you can design your website any way you see fit. At Trilobyte Digital, we can connect you with a directory of beautiful WP themes. Whether you want a magazine or photography theme or an Ecommerce template, there is an ideal option for every type of website.

WordPress is easy to manage, but if you require specialised services, we have an accessible customer support service to help you achieve that objective. Trilobyte Digital is your go-to source for quality web performance and WordPress support services.


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