After all the hard work that has gone in to constructing your website, it is important to test its functionality and make sure it is working as it should be. We need to ensure internal users will have no issues with the CMS and that your site runs perfectly for your visitors. As a result, you will know what works for User Experience (UX) and what doesn’t. Also, you’ll be able to determine what changes might need making.

User testing

Sometimes, it is necessary to make adjustments to your site and tweak your user experience in order to achieve better results. We can help you discover areas of your website that need improvement. With the qualitative data gathered from user testing, we can make necessary adjustments that will in turn make your website easier to use and subsequently, more effective.

User testing is not too complex, as only a few users are needed to complete a series of tasks. The process is filmed for record-keeping purposes, helping us to catalogue their actions. It is by this process that we discover the areas of your website that visitors might struggle with. We take this information and use it to optimise your website and boost its performance.

Testing your website is important, because this determines whether or not it performs for visitors as intended. It helps you confirm that visitors can gain access to whatever content they should be able to access. Also, this process determines whether your customers can interact with you and that any information generated during such interactions can get to you safely and in the appropriate format.

Not every website will demand the same approach to testing, so we will work out the best method for yours. You will be a part of the entire testing process and in making adjustments when needed. User testing is something you must do before launching your website to ensure that you get it right first time. Once all of your content is in place, your website will be ready to launch.

Sometimes, though your website may be great, it will achieve better results if a few changes are made. You can discover what version of your website is best by using AB testing. AB testing delivers different versions of your website to different users and compares the results. This kind of testing allows you to experiment with different designs and functionality choices to see which drive results better over a period of time. Once we learn what version works best, it can then be implemented across your website.

With expertly executed testing, you’ll be generating reliable user information in a statistical format to help you make informed decisions. You can start enjoying the benefits of testing your website by contacting us today.


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