When your website goes live, it is not uncommon to experience some teething problems. Trilobyte Digital is there to help you deal with any such issues, while our engineers are on-hand to help you make the most out of your new website.

In addition to web delivery, we also provide the following:

  • Web hosting
  • A warranty period where we correct a variety of programming issues.
  • Continued site support even after the expiration of your warranty.

Web hosting service

Every new website requires an excellent web host to manage their site’s functions. Whether it is choosing a simple hosting plan or providing quality security, Trilobyte Digital is always at your service.

We are responsible for providing server software and hardware solutions. If you prefer to host your site remotely, we have fully-equipped space that can cater to your website. In addition, a dedicated team will assist with updating, maintenance and trouble-shooting so you needn’t bother your staff.

Our power and network are always available to keep your site up and running 24/7. The server’s performance index is 99.999. However, if there is ever a web downtime, a capable team will be on standby to resolve the issue immediately. Trilobyte Digital can also provide web and mail server configurations for your site.

Post-Implementation services

After providing support and assistance services, operating the move to the intensive application of your website (after its design and development), we proceed to a post-implementation phase. To further guarantee the required services, we shall continue to operate under a specified contract which will include tech support, assistance, optimisation, new installations and so on.

After setting the website, Trilobyte Digital gives customers the choice of an optional support service package. These service packages may include remote support and assistance, as well as continued development. However, this may depend on the number of operators, request priority and other factors, such as staff turnover and training needs.

Additionally, Trilobyte Digital may provide continued training for various levels, ranging from basic user to key-user support (medium) and primary (advanced) level users.


If a customer needs additional functionality, which transcends the scope of regular service solutions, Trilobyte Digital will specify the terms of the new agreement. Additional functionality may include:

  • Creation of a new function that is not part of the implemented solution.
  • Development of new report/reporting system.
  • Creation of special scripts or a programming interface with third-party systems

Exceptional facilities regarding the customisation of the Trilobyte Digital platform – followed by the expertise of its engineers – contribute to seamless workflow design for the customer.

Warranty period

The post-implementation phase consists of two periods;

  • The warranty period
  • Post-warranty period

During the warranty period, (which immediately follows web launch), our team will continue to perform support functions to ensure there is no hitch whilst using the program. The warranty period is covered by the initial services fee.

However, upon expiration, the service will be due for renewal. Trilobyte Digital professionals will continue to maintain a smooth operational period until a renewal is affected.

Should a customer choose not to extend their contract, we shall continue to provide support (for a limited period) until a final handover is completed.

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