Once we understand your brand, business goals and objectives, we move to the process of planning your SEO campaign. We work with you and your team to get a full understanding of the commercial niche in which you are hoping to succeed so we can help make that happen

Keyword Research and Competitor Analysis

Every commercial niche needs to be treated with a holistic approach; there is no cookie cutter approach to building SEO friendly websites or conducting successful monthly SEO.

At the planning stage we are concerned with evaluating your market position and the nature of the market you are looking to succeed in. Some industries and locations are much more competitive than others and the same is therefore true of ranking for their respective keywords.

Page one of Google is a jealousy contested piece of virtual real estate – there are only 10 slots and SEO is a zero sum game; for someone to climb the ranks someone else must fall. As such when planning an SEO campaign and its accompanying website we insist on spending at least 10 hours on market analysis and keyword research.

Always Perform Keyword Research Before Anything Else


Keyword research begins by us agreeing on a select number of ‘seed’ keywords which you feel are the most likely to be what your users will be typing in to obtain your products or services. From there we use a series of specialist tools and processes to generate hundreds more potential keywords that the search engine associates with your particular business.

Keyword research can be a laborious task but it’s utterly necessary. The worst case scenario is to find you are 6 months into an SEO campaign and realise you’ve optimised for entirely the wrong set of keywords.

Competitor analysis is also an essential component of planning your SEO strategy. Again we use your knowledge of your business and commercial niche and via a series of specialist tools we work out how competitive your campaign is going to be. This allow us to set realistic expectations for you at this early stage so you can have an idea of how quickly we can help you achieve that page one ranking and what it’s going to take budget wise.

SEO is always a game of match and exceed so looking at your competition is essential; what are they doing that works? Can we do the same but just better and more of it?

Proper Website Construction

It’s so important to plan your website’s underlying URL structure before you build it. We take the results from our keyword research and use it to layout a clearly marked up URL structure that informs the search engine of exactly what each pages is about.

For websites selling multiple services or products we always advise the use of a siloed approach to the site structure. This allows the search engine to clearly distinguish what each separate area of your business is about. This also allows us to harness the power of the ‘semantic’ web, Google’s understanding of what it considers to be related entities, so we can ensure your site is the most authoritative and relevant source to display in its listings.

When it Comes to SEO, We Know What We Are Doing

Backed by years of experience in the SEO industry, we are more than adept at gathering relevant information and using it as an essential tool for planning your SEO strategy and ongoing campaign. We aim to meet the needs of your customers and to ensure the growth of your business.

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