SEO-friendly web design isn’t about integrating slick visuals or social media buttons, but creating a website that aligns with the overall business strategy. The sites we create at Trilobyte Digital offer more than aesthetic appeal – they attract visitors and provide information about your company’s branding and products, using spectacular visuals, engaging text and site interactions.

How do we fuse all these important factors together? Through a well-rounded web design process, that considers function and form with each design.

Our web design process follows seven stages:

Planning & Keyword Research

Clients are often very keen to dive into building their desired website but we can’t stress enough the importance of keyword research to a successful SEO-friendly website. At Trilobyte Digital we let the search engine lead the way.

If you take away the reverence afforded to it Google is effectively a black box attempting to calculate the relevance of a document vs a user’s search query/keyword and serves results in a list in order of relevance. If you understand the ever-evolving principles by which it operates then it’s possible to plan a website to possess the exact qualities that are required to rank it for it’s relevant keywords. Of course this is impossible unless the keyword research is done correctly. The worst mistake any SEO can make when planning a project is to skip over or take too little time with the keyword research. At Trilobyte we always insist on a minimum of 10 hours keyword research per project.

At this stage, we gain a full understanding of your company, business goals and the methods your website will use to achieve those goals. We ask questions such as:

  • What is the purpose of the website? Is it to promote a service, provide information or sell a product?
  • Is there a specific demographic you want to target? It helps to have a visual image of your ideal audience, such as sex, age, characteristics, amongst other traits that determine the style of your site.
  • What kind of content are people looking for when they visit your website? Product specific, specialist information or e-commerce site?

Once we have answers to these critical questions, we create a sitemap & a pageplan (not to be confused) based on the collated information. The sitemap describes the relations between key areas of the website, which will help analyse how effective the product will be. The sitemap helps our developers create easy-to-navigate, user-friendly sites. If the client approves the sitemap, we generate a mock-up or wireframe, which is a visual representation of the user interface, without design features such as logos and colours.

When planning an SEO-friendly website it’s important to differentiate between the sitemap and the pageplan. Sitemaps describe the cosmetic layout of the site and usually map out the navigation menu, whereas a pageplan describes the URL structure that underlies the site. When planning an SEO-friendly website we plan the underlying parent / child relationship of the URL structure extremely carefully. It’s based on the output of the keyword research and designed to harness the power of the semantic web and is usually built in a ‘silo’. Contact us if you want further explanation.


Once the framework is in place, we create the written content for your website. The primary function of text content (copy) is twofold:

Represent your brand & expertise in your commercial niche

Any text content that is on a main page of your site which your users can navigate to from your navigation menu needs to not only represent your brand but also your expertise. This is the kind of content we consider to be human readable – i.e. it’s not simply search engine fodder, but the message you are transmitting to users of your site.

Send a signal of authority and relevance to the search engine

Whilst Google is just beginning to experiment with machine learning it’s not really an artificial intelligence. Rather it’s a very clever engine that understands the semantic relationships between concepts represented by words.

The best way to send it the signal it requires to rank your site is to have authoritative written content (not keyword stuffed) and in large volumes. We always recommend a minimum of 1000 words per page for all websites and ideally would suggest 2000 per page. If you imagine SEO as a content driven arms race between you and your competitors then the volume of relevant text per page is how you emerge on top.

Trilobyte Digital has a copy writing team on hand who are proven experts in creating superb SEO copy designed specifically to rank your site. We supply this at our standard hourly rate (£45) per 500 words. We also offer rewrites and tweaks until you are happy with the output.


SEO Friendly Brighton Web Design

All of our sites are built in WordPress. This is because it’s the most SEO friendly CMS available and is completely modular. If further down the line you suddenly decide to add an ecommerce component to your site then we don’t have to redesign it from the ground up – we can just install it without revisions.

WordPress allows two options when it come to design: the use of themes (pre-designed templates / frameworks) or completely custom coded sites.

At Trilobyte we offer both services although we always think it’s cost efficient to begin with a theme and custom code over it for any required modifications. This saves you a fortune in design fees and allows you to redirect your design budget to the more important SEO.

One of our designers will identify the best look for your website. Every website is unique, taking into consideration key features such as visual appeal for target audience, company colours and logo to strengthen your brand identity. You can express what you do or don’t like, as our designers let you see the project through each stage.


SEO is at the core of everything we do at Trilobyte Digital and is considered at every stage from planning, design to implementation. We eat, sleep and breathe SEO and know exactly what is required to get your business to the desired page 1 ranking. All commercial niches (industries) are different; some are far more competitive than others on a global, national or local level whilst others are fairly straight forward.

Let’s be clear: there is no magic formula to SEO. Rather there are a series of best practices that a professional SEO learns, all of which are constantly subject to change as Google modifies its search parameters.

To be a successful SEO you have to have a holistic approach. At Trilobyte Digital we constantly review the results we are getting and modify our approach accordingly – there is no ‘cookie cutter’ approach that works.


Sign off

We only sign off on a project when the client is fully satisfied. We will always go out of our way to revise absolutely anything our clients aren’t 100% happy with and will work to any extent to make sure the site you leave with is the one we had agreed upon.

Ongoing Monthly SEO

We build websites for the purposes of performing monthly SEO. If you are simply looking for a cosmetically attractive website then maybe we aren’t for you. Our websites are designed to be BOTH cosmetically attractive and the best possible starting point for your monthly SEO campaign. As such most commissions we take on are for the purpose of an ongoing monthly SEO campaign to follow. We always recommend 6 months minimum with the first results within 3 months, but hope our clients will stay on once they realise the benefit of our work and the return they are seeing on what we consider a moderate monthly investment.

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