Why you need Social Media

Social Media makes it easier for your business to reach a wider audience and gives you a presence your customers (both current and potential) can easily feel. Two out of three adults use Social Media in different ways. Why not let them share your marketing content for you for free? Embracing Social Media will give you the power to target your audience, build your brand loyalty, respond promptly to your customers and give potential customers a better chance of finding you.

Facebook has two billion monthly active users and YouTube is now the second largest search engine in the world. Your business needs Social Media for a greater chance to succeed and Trilobyte can provide customised services to help your business harness the power of Social Media.

Take advantage of our specially designed
Social Media Packages

Marketing is ‘one solution fits all’ and at Trilobyte Digital, we customise our Social Media service to suit your specific business needs.

Social Media Consultancy

Get an expert to give your brand a lovable online presence while staying true to your business core values and goals, with a bespoke mix of our Social Media packages.

Social Media Development

If you want to start at the beginning, Trilobyte Digital will be here for you, creating and developing flawless Social Media profiles for your business on your targeted Social Media websites.

Social Media Strategy

Find the perfect combination of increased brand awareness, customer engagement and better conversions, using the perfect Social Media strategy, created for your business by seasoned experts.

Social Media Monitoring

Because success can only be measured by results, we will use cutting-edge tools to analyse and monitor your Social Media, making sure you are making the right ‘buzz’ in the right places.

Social Media Health-Check

Get professionals to make sure the wheels are turning effectively in your Social Media campaign.

Social Media Training

We will provide you with the tools you need to successfully engage your target audience and monitor your success in Social Media.

Four Golden Rules for an Outstanding
Social Media Presence

Pay attention

People want to be heard, so they will always speak. Reach out to people that speak and respond. Let them know that you are listening. Engage your brand in online conversations about your business, about your business sector and before long, you will become a trusted authority. This is an easy way to increase conversions and gain referrals for your business.

Create value, add value

Being a trusted authority is just the first step. When you listen to your audience, you need to use their suggestions to add value to the services you already offer. Social commerce drives sales because it provides a forum for your customers to rave about your product, recommend it to other people in their network and even respond to other customers on your behalf.


Communication is a two way street. It is important to know how you rank in the eyes of your target audience eyes Social Media provides a perfect and easy way to do this. Social Media also gives you the power to change your reputation and tell your own story the way you want it to be heard.

Keep it personal

People will do business with a brand that they feel cares. Don’t just keep your profile business-like, but make it personal for your customers – a birthday greeting here, an acknowledgement there. This will make your brand seem more caring in the eyes of your online following.

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