SEO for Lead Generation

Because most of the population is now online, the web offers several potential leads that a business can take advantage of to boost sales. This opportunity is best exploited if your message is reaching the right audience and generating quality leads that eventually convert into customers.

At Trilobyte Digital, we specialise in utilising the most effective practices for online lead generation to help our clients. Contact us today and we will help you turn your site visitors into leads.

Generating Sales through Leads

Search engine ranking is important, but an SEO campaign that focuses simply on search engine ranking -and ignores lead generation – is pointless. At Trilobyte Digital, we can help you design and execute an internet marketing campaign that will actually generate enquiries and lead to potential clients turning into actual clients.

When working towards generating leads, our experts at Trilobyte Digital pay close attention to the following, in order to ensure you get best possible results:

  • Homepage and deep linking: The power of your website’s homepage to convert visitors should never be ignored. By properly tailoring your homepage, we can boost its capability to attract and convert visitors, as well as perform well in search rankings.
  • Service page optimisation: We are experts at designing and optimising service pages to perform better in search engine results, as well as impress visitors.
  • Usability and conversion optimisation: How well visitors are able to interact with your website is important. We ensure visitors get quality user experience by optimising the user friendliness of your website and this in turn boosts conversion.
  • Headline keyword optimisation: Headlines are meant to be immediately engaging, as well as contain keywords relevant to the page.
  • Optimising for long-tail search traffic by adding relevant blog content: Blog posts are an effective strategy for attracting new customers to your business. By targeting long-tail keywords, we can implement a content strategy that’s capable of maximizing your business website’s potential.
  • Google Places optimisation: Something else we can implement for businesses that need it.

Targeting Long-Tail Search Terms

Longer search terms that are related to the services a company provides is a great way to draw in traffic. Even when these long-tail phrases are not necessarily specifically targeted, they can still attract a lot of organic traffic to a website. Our research has shown that visitors who arrive at a website via long-tail search terms are actually more likely to convert and translate into leads or sales. The reason for this phenomenon is that people who use longer search terms are looking for something specific. Therefore, the longer search term has led them to where they can find exactly what they need.

Our experts at Trilobyte Digital can help you effectively implement a strategy that makes use of targeted long-tail keywords to draw the right visitors to your website and thus generate significantly more leads.

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