SEO for E-Commerce

The concept of e-commerce is no longer novel. Yet, not all e-commerce businesses are taking full advantage of their sales potential. This is because most e-commerce businesses are failing to effectively utilise SEO to optimise their operations.

At Trilobyte Digital, we have on our staff experienced professionals who have the competence and expertise to enhance the performance and visibility of your e-commerce business through an effective SEO campaign.

Because we are aware that each business is unique and has unique goals, you can be assured that the SEO for e-commerce service delivered to you will be tailored to accomplish your business/website goals.
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SEO for E-Commerce Packages we have available

At Trilobyte Digital, we want all clients to have access to an SEO service that’s best suited to their needs. We offer the following SEO for e-commerce packages – each one of which is distinct and delivers its own unique set of solutions:

  • Home page linking
  • Optimisation of each relevant area of a website
  • Campaign targets for revenue and traffic
  • Conversion and usability analysis
  • Deeper linking
  • Product feeds
  • Added programming work for standard e-commerce packages

Online Store Optimisation

We can boost the performance of your website’s category, product and brand pages. The end-result of our service will be to make your e-commerce website pages better able to attract and motivate consumers to make a purchase.

Some of the tactics we use include (but are not limited) to the following:

  • Website Structure Optimisation: by optimising the structure of your website, we don’t only make it more SEO friendly, but also make it easier for your visitors to navigate and understand.
  • In-market keyword targeting: our experts conduct research to identify which keywords and visitors are actually leading to sales.
  • Off-Page Optimisation for e-commerce: to further boost your website’s SEO, we can provide links in your content that actually have value and will boost rankings and visibility to the appropriate audience.

Effects of SEO for E-Commerce

Trilobyte Digital’s SEO experts are well aware that designing and implementing an SEO campaign for an e-commerce website is very different from what is required for a typical website. Instead of focusing on only a few keywords and services, our experts approach optimising an e-commerce site from a different angle, by targeting several keywords and keyword types. These keywords or keyword phrases will be related to the e-commerce site’s categories, products, sub-categories, and will also include broader terms for wider descriptions.

By implementing the right keywords, more traffic will be drawn to your website and more sales queries generated. To ensure the SEO solution delivered is yielding the right results, we’ll also perform a usability and conversion test as part of our standard package.

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The purpose of your e-commerce website is to sell products, which is only possible when consumers not only find your website, but are also convinced to make a purchase. We can help you accomplish this and at a cost-effective price.

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