There are many Paid Per Click tools to help an advertiser manage their AdWords campaigns through steps such as budget estimation, competitive research, landing page optimisation and more. While these free-to-use PPC tools provide some keyword ideas, the potency of any PPC campaign is in the strong analysis of the advertiser’s niche.

Here are a few tools Trilobyte Digital recommends for our esteemed clients:

Keyword Planner
This is the most widely-used keyword research tool to get keyword ideas for digital campaigns and website content. It is also known as AdWords Traffic Estimator. This tool is a workshop for expanding current campaigns and building new ones. Search the most important information for an expected search theme on the basis of your services, products or website content.

You can also target details such as language, location, date range, category and more. View how the list you’ve picked might perform and create new lists of keywords by multiplying several lists together. Keyword Planner helps you choose budgets and competitive bids to use with your campaigns.

Google Trends
Google Trends displays the frequency of a search term entered into Google’s search engine in relation to the total search volume of the website over a defined period. It is a comparative keyword research tool, used to compare search patterns across regions, properties and categories. Simply visit the site, see what searches are trending and pick a topic to reveal search terms across countries, states or specific locations.

The data you find will help marketers ramp-up online marketing efforts when search terms in your niche are trending. Your cost per click in AdWords is higher during spikes in search volume, so allocate more budget when your services or products are trending.

Contextual Targeting Tool
Also referred to as In-context technology or In-Text advertising, contextual targeting uses site keywords to serve ads aligning with the user’s page content, not browsing history. Google’s Contextual Targeting Tool automatically builds keyword lists used to display your ads on relevant pages across Google’s Display Network. A good benefit of this tool is that you don’t have to build keyword lists manually. In a few minutes, you can build hundreds of keyword lists that scale the performance of your campaign and ensures precise targeting for your ads.

Re-marketing Tag
With the Re-marketing Tag, Google uses a small script to make it easy to collect cookies from your website visitors. Google generates a list based on your setup of type, tag, audience and list size. Simply place the tag across pages on your website. If you’re not familiar with your website code, Trilobyte Digital provides technical advice to help you get started.

Google Analytics Tool
This is an essential tool for any online advertiser. Effective use of this resource could lead to the success of your digital campaign. Google Analytics is a free web-tracking tool that ascertains traffic analysis. You can analyse traffic coming from click and AdWords or view visitor engagement on your website. Features such as Geo info, filters, Goal, funnel visualisation and real-time visitors are great tools for analysing behaviour patterns of your website audience. You can also build re-marketing lists to use alongside AdWords when targeting a defined audience.

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