The end-goal of any website is to make conversions. Attracting visitors to your website is an amazing feat, as it requires putting in a lot of effort to draw their attention and keep it for more than a minute. However, if they remain visitors and conversions don’t happen while they’re there, it automatically defeats the entire purpose of the website in the first place. This is where Trilobyte Digital comes in. Our years of experience in the search industry have enabled us to be able to look closely at your website and effectively determine the necessary steps to take in ensuring you get the most from your visitors at all times.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Conversion Optimisation is all about how you can optimise your website to the highest degree, in order to get the best returns. It leaves nothing out and covers everything from colour and semantics, to key areas like navigation and website structure.

Firstly, we will help you to define your conversions. It is our job to understand the purpose of your website and the conversions you’re trying to achieve, as well as the actions you would like the people who visit your site to take. Doing this will enable us to research appropriate conduct in order to improve your overall conversion rate. We can also go through your analytics data to see anything you might be doing wrong and how your website can be improved.

Delivering the best quality service is part of what we do at Trilobyte Digital. We will closely monitor your webpages, creating alternative ones and using them to determine those that perform best. We also take the time to analyse the route site users and visitors to your website take, as they navigate your web pages. We then highlight any areas where there are drop-offs and user exits in our reports.


We make sure to deliver websites that are on point in each aspect. It’s important for a website to be user-friendly. Its look, workability and ease of access are important factors to be considered when you have a website. With our experience, we will help you conduct relevant research and analyse usability problems common to websites, including those we have documented over the years. Using this information, we can then determine the different problems faced by people visiting the site, and the necessary remedial actions to take. This can involve anything from a minor site re-arrangement, changing the look of the site, to how the site works – or even a complete re-designing of the site.

The usability of a site is vital to ensuring it is properly optimised for conversions. Whether it is a brand new website or an existing one you want to fully optimise, we can help. We take completely logical and highly technical approaches when it comes to our work, hence achieving massive improvements to your website conversion rates.

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