All digital marketing must be measured to know how the campaign is performing. Google Analytics is the best tool to analyze data for the number of users visiting your site, the length of time they spend and their location. With Google Analytics, you can measure the performance of your online activities, which tells you if you will reach your goals and areas that need revising.

When you sign up with Trilobyte Digital SEO services, we add analytics to your site so you can see if users are filling enquiry form or visits that leads to a sale.

Set up Google Analytics with Trilobyte SEO services

The first step when using Google Analytics is to set up an account. The difficulty level of accomplishing this task differs on your website. It is vital for you to setup it up correctly to get more value that is commercial from your internet marketing.

Whatever your website objectives, our certified Google analytics specialists take you through a step-by-step guide on the best way to use Google Analytics to improve online marketing.

How can your website benefit from Trilobyte Digital
web analytic services?

SEO Measurement

Quantifiable and transparent SEO means measurable content strategy that generates organic search results.

At Trilobyte Digital, our team of SEO specialists will help you get the basics right and build a well-organized content hub.


Google Analytics Audit and implementation

Excellent analysis begins with accurate data collection and the implementation specialists at Trilobyte Digital know how to identify the smallest problems in any Google Analytics Setup. We’ll work by your side to develop a measurement strategy in line with the overall goal of your business. Next, we set up a top-class analytics implementation you can trust, using advanced custom tracking regulated by industry best practices.

Ideal combination of optimisation tools

Trilobyte Digital works with an impressive range of tools and platforms across conversion rate optimisation, analytics, SEO and web personalization.

As technology evolves, new tools are developed to meet demand and we stay on top the latest updates to serve you better.

Optimisation and personalization

Your website should work hard for you and we are experts at using insights to create hypothesis for controlled experiments. This will enable us proffer correct recommendations on how you can offer customized web experiences to your visitors.

Prices for website analytics services are between £150 and £500 per month but the figure depends on factors such as the amount of information you need, the amount of information you want to track, number of page views your site receives and the type of reporting you need (delayed or real-time).

Some of our key recommendations and
findings might include

  • General statistics for your site such as visitor location, most viewed pages, how long they spend and how many visitors convert.
  • Conversion overview
  • Results and targeted ongoing campaigns
  • Referral sources and referring keywords
  • User trends
  • Effectiveness of landing pages

Why Choose Trilobyte Digital

  • Comprehensive reporting service to determine effectiveness of all online marketing activity.
  • Bespoke systems for premium users who need an enterprise solution
  • Full setup or review of Google Analytics
  • Key Progress indicators that help you predict campaigns to raise the highest ROI
  • Traffic conversion
  • Social media performance
  • User behaviour
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