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Have you started an online business but find yourself unable to rank on Google for those important keyword searches? Are you now dependent on Google AdWords at a high daily cost? Are you worried you’ll be paying a fortune to Google forever lest your business disappear when your customers search for your products or services?
We offer realistic solutions to these problems. Our expert knowledge and proven track record of understanding the various factors that drive Google’s various algorithms means we can give your site the visibility that it so desperately needs, or create a new SEO-friendly modern website that will immediately begin to rank.

Welcome to Trilobyte Digital, the comprehensive choice of SEO agency for small to medium businesses and brands looking to rank their business websites on that vital piece of online real estate – page one of Google. We offer digital marketing services that hold up over time.

We let the search engine lead the way...

We don’t tie you into a contract. We explain what we are doing and why we are doing it. We can white label projects if you wish to take us on at a B2B level (as we have done many times in the past) or we can offer SEO advice / consultation to save you money if you’re at the start of an entrepreneurial enterprise.

We can work on old websites and try and upgrade them to possess the qualities Google finds attractive – the same ones held by your competitors which allows them to consistently rank ahead of you.

Or we can transfer your old and beloved website into a modern container – most of the time it won’t even look different. Behind the scenes the transformation will be the difference between night and day in the eyes of the search engine.

Or we can build you a brand new website, complete with dynamic branding from our in house design team, built around the research we do into your commercial niche. Google has a large checklist of requirements it wants to see in your website, and these vary from industry to industry and business to business. We always start every job doing at least 10 hours research into your particular niche including your competitors to make sure our SEO strategy is guaranteed to hit the mark.


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Google’s algorithmic requirements are updated regularly. Trilobyte Digital keeps up to date with the latest developments to ensure customers always take the lead in their respective sectors. We make use of current analytical tools to collate invaluable data to discover the best way to ensure you rank above the competition.



A well designed, SEO-friendly website is a must if you’re looking to rank above your competitors and elevate your business. We only design SEO-friendly websites with spectacular interfaces. They deliver on set objectives and are high-quality work, projecting perfection on the inside and outside.



All our websites are hosted on our ultra secure private server and come with integrated SSL certificates as standard. Customers visiting your website need to feel safe when browsing and shopping. Google also recognises security as a ranking factor and will prioritise an HTTPS site over a non-secure site. To that end, we apply only the most up to date, secure technology to ensure that your clients and website remain safe at all times.

Every project is an opportunity for us to deliver great return on investment. From planning an integrated marketing solution to launching an online marketplace, we provide customers with solutions that boost search rankings and drive a steady stream of organic traffic to your website.



The customer is our focus at Trilobyte, hence we take a holistic approach to your online presence. We always push the boundaries of digital marketing, perfecting our approach to ensure that the solutions we provide maximize the success of your website through a comprehensive understanding of your target audience and great web design.

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Web design, SEO & Digital Marketing Services

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SEO friendly premium web design at a price that makes sense for your small business

At Trilobyte we let the search engine shape our strategy so that everything we do brings you one step closer to giving Google what it’s looking for. It’s not a simple approach and requires regular adaptation based on what see is working for your particular case. Ideally we like to work in 10 hour blocks monthly for a period of at least 6 months. However in some cases result can be obtained faster; it all depends on how SEO-friendly your existing website is and what groundwork needs to be laid. The work we do is a lot more permanent than wasting money long-term on Google AdWords. Once we achieve your goals you can reduce your campaign to a simple maintenance arrangement at a lower cost. Of course it all depends on how competitive your industry is in your particular location.

Digital Marketing

Our digital marketing experts are well versed in PPC, Social Media, Remarketing, Google Shopping, affiliate marketing, analytics and more. The influence of the web on how consumers shop cannot be overstated. Booking a flight or hotel, customising features for a new car, buying a home or shopping for medical insurance, the internet has changed the game. Trilobyte Digital have completed many successful digital marketing campaigns and we offer analytical tools that maximise profit, improve the effectiveness of your campaign and reduce cost.


We are a fully-serviced digital agency that provides premium-hosting services via state-of-the-art technology, combining scalability, robustness, security, efficiency and reliability. We offer flexible plans tailored for your web hosting needs, so you don’t pay more than you have to.

Professional photo services

Photography can make or break your marketing campaign, which is why you must invest in professional images for your digital library. Trilobyte Digitial offers a team of specialised photographers who capture images that deliver your message in one clear shot, while representing your brand at the same time. Our unique pictures offer an authentic look and feel that sets your marketing apart from the competition.

Website development

Our team of gifted web designers work with you to understand your audience groups, organisation and needs, before recommending the best course of action. No-one understands your brand like you do, which is why our web development process is collaborative, to create a product loved by you and your clients. Our specialists use a broad range of tools to develop web portals, e-commerce sites and mobile apps that are easy to maintain and use.

Complex e-commerce solution

The profit potential for businesses that trade online is limitless. As the competition among e-commerce sites increases, the demand for dynamic e-commerce websites rises.

Trilobyte Digital is experienced in building e-commerce websites with potential to boost conversion.

Mobile Friendly Web Design

Over 50% of web traffic in 2016 was viewed on a mobile device or tablet. The figures have grown so much in recent years that Google introduced ‘responsivity’ (a website being fully usable on a mobile device in its complete desktop form) as a ranking factor. When planning a website it is now essential to ensure it is fully responsive. At Trilobyte all our websites are designed to be fully responsive as opposed to offering a clunky ‘mobile version’ of the site.


Trilobyte Digitial designs websites that converts visitors into buying customers. In a congested online space where customers expect an easy shopping experience, it is important that your website is enticing, engaging and maintains your brand identity. We provide solutions that evoke trust in your service/product and ensures maximum security for your potential customer.


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We are experts at driving traffic to your online business and rapidly helping to ascend Google’s search rankings. We work on a one on one basis and will always explain what we are doing and why we are doing it.

We can also offer consultation services to save on budget. This allows you to do the time consuming work yourself and save your SEO budget for planning your strategy and assisting you in its implementation.

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